Our History

Led by the Holy Spirit, Pastor Philip together with his wife Alice and a handful of believers founded the Church For The Nations (CFTN) in Geneva, Switzerland. Today, the church family has members from over 55 different countries.

The Founding Members of CFTN: Pastor Philip Kuruvilla, his wife Alice Philip, his daughter Tissa and his son David, Ambrose Wasunna and his wife Marigold, Cynthia Wallace, Christophe Gueissaz, Bong & Rowie Ferranco, Susie Gavinio, Yoly Valeriano, Mario & Cora Cipriano, Neni & Sally Argañoza, Virgie Estrella, Agnes Santos, Dory Cipriano, Esther Peliño, Herminia Milan (Nanay), Rosita Mercado, Seth Osafo, Rafael & Marilyn Federigan.

Growth of CFTN

Worship meetings were first held between Pastor Philip and Sister Yoly’s apartment with 17 members in July 1992.  By God’s grace on 26 July 1992 the first worship service was held in a beautifully renovated hall of a factory warehouse at rue Chandieu.  By 1997, the CFTN family continued to grow and God graciously provided a bigger place for worship at rue de Lausanne.  In 2015, CFTN moved to its own building and spacious sanctuary at 17 rue du Grand-Bay for furthering the Lord’s work in the Avanchets community and throughout Geneva.  The first worship service was held in Avanchets church building on 12 July 2015.

After 21 years of leaving an indelible mark on CFTN as the founder, Pastor Philip Kuruvilla went to be with the Lord on 27 February 2013 during his missionary trip to the Philippines. God used Pastor Philip to win souls for His Kingdom. He operated in the gifts of healing, discernment, deliverance and he left behind a legacy that continues to inspire the CFTN Family.  2013 had been an extraordinary year of transition and his wife, Alice Philip, who was the Associate Pastor, took over as Pastor of CFTN.  She was supported by Assistant Pastors Nenito Argañoza and Vincent Parker.  As of 2019, Pastor Alice is supported by Assistant Pastors Nenito Argañoza and Godson Etitinwo together with the Council of CFTN.

First CFTN Service at 9A, rue Chandieu, Sunday, 26 July 1992

CFTN Service at the Sanctuary at 47 bis, rue de Lausanne

27 July 1997-21 June 2015

CFTN’s new building and sanctuary at 17, rue du Grand-Bay
12 July 2015 - present