CFTN Vision

I thank the Lord God Almighty for His vision for the Church For The Nations (CFTN) and what He is doing in our midst.

I thank the Lord for the Founding Pastor, Philip Kuruvilla for his vision for Geneva and for the nations.  I want to continue to expand the church bringing more people to know the Lord.  This is the time for spiritual renewal.


In today’s world there is a lot of fear, brokenness, emptiness and negativity.  This is the time for people to experience God’s love and grace. Our Lord is an Almighty God! His love for you is the same today, tomorrow and forever. 


CFTN is focusing on six areas for God’s work:

  1. Outreach/Evangelization - reaching out throughout the city of Geneva and its international community sharing God’s love and grace.
  2. Healing and Restoration - providing healing of all the sick and spiritually bound and oppressed.
  3. Unity - attaining greater unity among the local churches in Geneva and bringing more people to know Jesus as their Savior. 
  4. Serving God - building His Kingdom on earth through support of all Gospel work around the world
  5. Moving in the Spirit - Seeing the great outpouring of His Spirit on all flesh according to His Word by Joel, His prophet.  
  6. Teaching and Growing - Opportunities and growing through CFTN’s 5-fold

Ministry targeted at: 1) training leaders; 2) building strong marriages; 3) raising spirit-filled children; 4) developing the character of Jesus through worship, fellowship and one’s relationship with Him; 5) growing spiritually based on teaching of the Word.

I welcome you to join us and be part of our church family.

Pastor Alice Philip