Pastor Alice Philip (May 2013-present)
Pastor Alice was born in Kerala to a family of Knanaya Catholics.  After studying nursing in Nagpur she worked for several years in Delhi.  She pursued her career and immigrated to the United States where she continued to work as a Registered Nurse.  Through friends who were born again spirit filled believers she came to new understanding of the faith.  While in USA she met and married Philip Kuruvilla.  During this time she was also baptized in water and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  In 1982, she left her career to move with her husband and their 2 children from New York to Geneva.  While in Geneva she had more time to devote herself to spiritual growth in prayer and Bible study.  She could not have imagined what God was preparing her for.  As God led her husband to begin the Church for the Nations, she stood by his side and supported him through every step of the way. She was head of the ladies prayer group for many years, and was the Associate Pastor from 1998 until May 2013.
Assistant Pastor Nenito Argañoza (May 2013-present)
Neny Argañoza was born in Tuguegarao Cagayan, Philippines and studied in a catholic school for boys, where at a young age as altar boy helped the priest in serving Eucharist and wanted to become a priest then.  He finished his studies at the University of the East, Manila, taking up Bachelor of Science in Commerce, with a major in Accounting.  He was born again in October 1986, also baptized in water and with the Holy Spirit. He was a musician and later a deacon at the Power of God Fellowship, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines.  As deacon, he was actively involved in Home Bible Study Group and Couples’ Ministry.  He regularly attended Christian training seminars for leaders conducted by the Foursquare Bible College in Quezon City. He came to Geneva on March 8, 1992 to join his wife and became part of the Worship Ministry.  He is one of the founding members of CFTN and married to Sally his wife of 30 plus years. He was appointed as Assistant Pastor and ordained on May 12, 2013.
Assistant Pastor Godson Etitinwo 
Godson Etitinwo was born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria in a Pentecostal family. At age 17, he received Christ through Scripture Union High School Campus Fellowship. At 20, he migrated to Geneva, Switzerland for his university education. He did not find any Pentecostal fellowship back in 1982 and gradually drifted away from the Lord.  But the Lord’s infinite mercy and grace didn’t abandon him.  In June 2000, Godson rededicated his life to the Lord and became one of the pioneers to establish the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). During his service for the Lord at RCCG, he attended the School of Discipleship (SOD) of RCCG; was ordained Minister of the Gospel in April 2005; helped establish branches of RCCG in Bern and Lausanne; and was to be ordained one of the Pastors in April 2011. Humbled by God’s new calling, he felt the need to explore another church community. Together with his wife and children, they attended the Church For The Nations (CFTN).  It did not take long before Pastor Philip Kuruvilla took notice of Godson’s gifts and appointed him to assist both the Head of the Bible Studies and Men’s Ministry. He was later appointed by Pastor Alice as the Head of Bible Studies and the Men’s Ministry in March 2013; one of the Assistant Pastors in March 2019; and ordained as Assistant Pastor in May 2019.  He is married to his wife Catherine for 27 years and their union is blessed with three wonderful children.
CFTN Founding Pastor Philip Kuruvilla (1992-2013)
Pastor Philip was born in South India in Aluva, Kerala to Rev. C. M. Kuruvilla and Rachel. His father ran an orphanage - Aluva Settlement - and pastored a Pentecostal fellowship. Pastor Philip least expected and desired to be a pastor. He got saved at the age of 7 years and was baptized with the Holy Spirit at the age of 10. He went through the formal educational system. His career plan was to be a nuclear scientist. He worked as a Scientific Assistant in the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Trombay, Bombay (Mumbai). While working here, he heard the call of God and responded.  He left his job and moved to the United States of America in 1970 to learn the Word of God. Later, he got a job in the United States of America with the United Nations as Statistical Assistant. In 1982, he moved from the United States of America to Geneva, Switzerland in response to the call of God.
Associate Pastor Ambrose Wasunna (1992-1998)
Pastor Ambrose Wasunna was born in Maseno, Kenya. A medical doctor and Professor of Surgery, Ambrose came to work in Geneva with the WHO in 1985. He supported Pastor Philip in establishing Church for the Nations in Geneva and was co-pastor until he retired from WHO and left Geneva to go back to Kenya in 1998.